Professional Waterproofing Solutions

The current water shortage in the Western Cape has hit hard, but now is the perfect time to ensure that you are ready for when it rains. Beat the rush and get in touch with GoldPro, so that your roof, gutters and downpipes will be able to cope when it does start raining.

Our waterproofing services are designed to keep your building in tip top shape, and to keep you dry. You can stop leaks before they start and by ensuring that you waterproof where necessary you won’t run into any issues when a heavy downpour comes along.

Our waterproofing services include

  • Flat-roof waterproofing,
  • Roof joint waterproofing
  • Gutters, Parapet walls & vent pipes,
  • Lateral & rising damp areas
  • Concrete & face brick lining
  • Ponds & reservoirs
  • Window panes

If you’ve been searching for professional waterproofing contractors you can trust, then you’ve found them. We work on all buildings, of every size and can confidently complete jobs for both the commercial and private sector. Protect your assets and ensure your building is properly waterproofed before the drought ends.

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