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Epoxy flooring is incredibly strong and the ideal option for any high traffic, hard wearing area in a factory, commercial enterprise or similar business space. Epoxy resin flooring bonds extremely well to substrate and forms a rigid plastic flooring that’s durable, long lasting and easy to clean. It’s also easy on the eye too, so it can work in almost all environments, including at home.

GoldPro will assess your exacting requirements and advise on what type of epoxy flooring will work best for you. If you require a commercial grade product then Dekro Tuffcoat may be an option, or we may steer you towards Dekro Wunda Clean if this is better suited to your environment. For home use, a softer epoxy flooring is generally required, and a polyurethane floor coat or Epicon Marine Finish are both excellent options.

We’re the professionals when it comes to epoxy resin flooring and our workmanship speaks for itself.

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