Dekro Store | N1 City Mall

Dekro Store | N1 City Mall

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Golpro recently gave the N1 City Dekro store a revamp which included repair of surfaces that were damaged, new flooring & wall colour.  The store had various colours and paint textures ahead of the revamp:

20160614_082626 20160614_082609

You can see there was quite a bit of preparation required on the flooring work. The floor had to be manually sanded down to prepare for an epoxy coating:

20160629_093523 20160707_104855 20160713_163658

The pre- and post- flooring preparation images showed a dramatic cosmetic difference already.

20160714_163624 20160715_170151

At the end of the project the store now boasts a cleaner, more hygienic and appealing floor, as well as uniformity in wall colour and surfaces.

20160912_083724 20160912_083733

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