There is a tool to see your room in different colours before you buy paint!

There is a tool to see your room in different colours before you buy paint!

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If you’re new and haven’t had a chance to visit and explore, basically, MyColortopia is a site full of great ideas on how to decorate with color and bring your house to life, with tips and tricks shared by lots of your favorite bloggers. It’s a destination where people who are easily overwhelmed by interior design decisions and painting can get advice, guidance and inspiration… and no matter how awesome we think we are, we ALL fall into the “overwhelmed category” with room makeovers from time to time, am I right?
MyColortopia offers a few really cool tools you can use to help you plan out your next room makeover. One we posted about before was the My Life, My Colors tool, to help you find out what color schemes best represent YOU, based on a few multiple choice questions that you answer about your personality and lifestyle.  Another great resource that we shared was the Show Your Colors feature. This was awesome because it lets any homeowner submit their before and after photos from spaces they’ve redone in their house, so they can share it with others! You know me, I LOVE a good before and after… and I love lookin’ in on other people and how they live.


So now I’m REALLY excited to show you this brand new tool that MyColortopia released called Color my Room. Guys… it’s freakin’ AWESOME! Since our little laundry room is still a blank canvas and we have yet to do much to it since the last time we talked about it, I thought it would be fun to play around with this new color tool to get a few different looks.


It’s really simple, all you have to do is create a paint pallet, choose a photo of the room you want to try different paints on, follow the instructions on how to outline the areas you want painted and then fill in your wall with different shades to see what strikes your fancy!

Yeah, I got a little carried away (ha!) but honestly, how COOL is this!? Color changes EVERYTHING in a space, and it’s so great to see it happen right in front of you, without having to buy swatches or paint little samples on the wall first.
I think it’s totally genius, something all of us, no matter what our styling/decorating experience is, can use and such a good resource for anyone debating on which color to paint a room. You’ve GOT to go try it out!
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